Slow Website Will Cause You to Lose your Customers

Slow Website is Losing Business Recap

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4 July, 2018

Site load times are becoming more important than ever, consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to page load times and will leave your site and find another online retailer if your site doesn’t load within their expectations. The impacts are far reaching, not only does it impact the online users but it could tarnish your brand.

A Research Shows,Quick Page loading is a key factor in a consumer’s loyalty to an eCommerce site, especially for high spenders. 79 percent of online shoppers who experience a dissatisfying visit are less likely to buy from the same site again while 27 percent are less likely to buy from the same site’s physical store, Suggesting that the impact of a bad online experience will reach beyond the web and can result in lost store sales.

Slow loading website is frustrating for growing business as it results into increased bounce rate and less traffic.The Most common reasons for a slow website response time are

Heavy Image size:

If you are using un-optimized images, they use a lot of Server Resources being heavier, and thus your site takes longer time to load. But don’t worry, you can reduce the size of your image without losing its pixel quality by making the use of tools like WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer (for WordPress users). If your image size is approx. 100 KB, then it will quickly open. It’s good if you use “CSS based icons” instead of images, as icons are generally smaller in size. The appropriate image resolution for a website is 72 dpi (dots per inch).

Bad server configuration:

If you have a hosting plan in which features like compression and HTTP Keep-Alive are disabled by your vendor to run multiple sites on a single server, then it can be one of the main reasons of reduced loading time of website.These features help you overcome the problem of slow loading. If you enable the Keep-Alive feature, then you can send and receive many HTTP requests with the same TCP connection. Hence, you will get improved performance as then there will be no need to open a new connection for each and every request.The second feature – compression, reduces the size of your files when sending them from your server to the browser. As a result, your files are transferred with much improved speed.

More use of JS and CSS files:

If there are a lot of JavaScript and CSS files on your website, then your visitors’ systems are not able to treat these files individually. It leads to an increase in the number of requests that eventually slows your website. Thus, it’s good to minimize use of JS and CSS files. You can try cssnano to minify CSS and Closure Compiler to minify JS. Hence, by using them, you can reduce page load time to a great extent.

Extra themes, plugins, and comments:

If you are using WordPress, and your dashboard is overloaded with unwanted plugins, themes and comments then, yes your website loads slowly. Removing these unutilized plugins, inactive themes, and those accumulated extra comments is a smart way to decrease the WordPress website page load time and boost WordPress performance optimization.
One more thing that’s essential is to clear unnecessary lines of code as heavy files like JS, CSS and HTML already make your server work harder. By removing these unwanted “commented codes” from the backend, you can easily make your website load faster.

Get a better host for your website

The web host also plays an important role for your website speed. So it’s better to invest in a reliable web hosting.Also Every Website User Should have Website Optimization Services ,as it will keep their Website Optimized and always ready for doing business.

  • Increase in sales and Brand awareness
  • Better Seo Ranking in Google Search
  • Drive better customer satisfaction

Creating a great website is a process and it takes work, but please remember to consider website speed in that process or you will lose potential Business.


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